I'm a nutrition coach and personal trainer from London, England.

I've now help hundreds of people accross the world to transform their lives around how they eat, and exercise, but my inspiration to help others started with my own struggles around food and body image.

On my journey to guide others, I had to learn 3 of my most important lessons to become the coach I am today.


At the age of 13, I started dieting.

I wanted to look like the models in the magazines.

I wanted to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

I tried every diet that I could get my hands on growing up to achieve this goal.

All of the diets worked at first. I would always lose weight for the first few days or weeks, but eventually, try as I may, I always regained the weight back…. And sometimes more than when I started.

At the age of 17 I was overweight, had a face full of severe acne, and was constantly depresessed.

I was in pain and desperate for a change.

Eventually I hit breaking point and went on the most extreme diet of my life. I cut out all highly processed foods, sticking to only wholefood choices.

I dropped the weight in no time, cured my acne, and most importantly I was no longer depressed. I had more energy than I´d ever had in my life and I felt in control for the first time of my happiness!




It wasn´t happily ever after however!

I paid a cost for eliminating all treat foods in a world where so much tradition, and joy, and ceremony, surround food.

The way we eat is often a metaphor for the way we live and my frugal way of eating was being mirrored by my boring lifestyle. I had Little fun, and was constantly trying to be perfect.

I lived in fear of making one slip up and my rigid, black and white mindset that food was either good or bad, was the perfect manifestation of how extremely I lived my life.

A gift I recieved from a friend was learning that true health is permission to eat anything, and especially if it gives you pleasure.

By balancing this permission to also eat foods I enjoyed, with my first lesson of learning the value of eating foods that make me feel well nourished, I was able to include ALL FOODS into my diet, with NO GUILT or SHAME, and finally learning balance.





Of course, reintroducing those foods wasn´t all smooth sailing. Many times I would still overeat past the point of fullness.

It was difficult to use my intuition to always eat the right way. I felt like a fraud in my profession, helping others to find balance, but still not able to always eat the perfect quantities of foods.

I was still chasing perfection, and this was a problem.

The solution was perhaps the hardest to adopt, but the most rewarding.

It was to learn self-compassion.

Compassion in terms of forgiving myself immediately for overeating, and understanding that life has ups and downs.

It is imposible to eat perfectly, but if I beat myself up, then I would spiral back into eating disordered behaviours.

By always forgiving myself, I learnt that it was easy to just accept that I would probably have less of an appetite later on or the next day, or that in the grand scheme of things, my weight wouldn´t change dramatically, counter-intuitively, that the sooner I relaxed and listened to my hunger and fullness cues, the easier it would be to come back to normal.

If I had stayed in self-critical mode then I would have tried to compensate for having eaten too much, and then in the long run ended up yo-yo dieting again.




My weight has never been more stable, my mood never better.

I eat everything I love in the quantities that I want to. My foundation is wholefoods, but I always make space for treat foods if I feel like it, and if I feel like it will serve me.

My way of eating has taken years to find, but with these 3 principles, and my own experience, I coach others to find their way of eating that is a perfect fit for them, without waiting years like I did.

If you want to unlock an eating style that is right for you, then in get in touch today and schedule your free consltation to find out how to make that change.