The Wheel of Life is a powerful, and yet simple tool to help you with healthy eating?


Well the wheel is a visual representation of your life, and the main aspects that are generally considered to contribute to overall wellbeing.

How and what we eat is often determined by larger factors than we often think.

A common example would be how work life can have a dramatic impact on our diet. Office workers as one demographic, are often exposed to long periods sat down, and there is often a daily flow of high-fat-sugary foods in such work environments.

So, to summarise, we are pursuing more balance in the major areas of life to help us find more balance with food.




The wheel is divided into 8 areas:

  1. Environment

  2. Career

  3. Money

  4. Health

  5. Friends/family

  6. Significant other

  7. Personal growth

  8. Fun and recreation

You will rank each of these areas with a score from 1-10. 1 will be the least contented, and 10 will be optimum.


As the name suggests, it is meant to be a wheel, so a complete circle is what we are looking for. The more balance you have in terms of numbers being roughly the same, the more like a circle it will appear but don't be fooled- Not having a full wheel doesn’t necessarily mean an incomplete life. Sometimes we need to be lacking one thing to help other areas.

An example of a healthy low number could be that you have just broken up from a relationship which means your ‘significant other’ ranking might be a 0. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. You might need to be alone in this particular time, not to mention that you may find other areas of your life taking a significant boost in lieu of being depleted in this area.


Distributing your energy evenly across all areas doesn’t have to be the aim, although that would be nice. We do not have unlimited time and energy, so you might just consider what areas you would like to see improve and then be strategic in trying to up them.

What is the ideal level of attention that you want to pay to any one area of your life, and how beneficial do you believe it will be in terms of feeding into your overall nutrition?


Another thing to consider is what areas of your wheel might be taking up too much of your energy. Sometimes we find that with a little readjustment, we can intentionally reduce our score in one area, while still maintain a decent level of satisfaction in that field. For example, making a conscious effort to spend less time working might take our ‘career’ category from a level 9, down to a level 8, but that might potentially take the relationship with a ‘significant other’ category up, from a 4 to a 7, which could have knock on effects to more than just the way you eat.

This is a great tool for life in general. One to do again and again. There’s no right or wrong wheel. Just an honest reflection, and an opportunity to grow.