This is the introduction of my ongoing segments of short videos where I give you tips on how to improve your self esteem and your body image.

When attempting to heal our relationships with food it’s pretty damn near impossible to heal if we are still consumed by our body image.

After all, if you are still fixated on your body looking thinner then you will still probably be engaging in some sort of dieting behaviour, be it restriction or over exercising.

This fixation on weight loss is problematic here because we are waiting to lose weight before we allow ourselves to experience self-appreciation.

Our ideas of self-worth are tied directly to our body image and we base how good we’re going to feel and behave on any given day only after we’ve made an assessment of what we weigh on the scales and how we look in the mirror and that is a volatile game.

Firstly, because your judgement of your reflection or weight is likely based on that of our culture’s skinny standard, which is, I believe, dangerously on the side of disordered behaviour rather than actual health, and secondly, that your body is constantly changing anyways, be it through weight fluctuations after exercising, retention of fluids, childbirth, menstrual cycles, menopause, the unpredictability of life and all its demands and also the very predictable process of aging, you are guaranteed to change weight and appearance over time no matter how ‘healthy’ you are.

Our bodies are naturally ever changing and we are receiving more and more messages that there is something wrong with them. I’d like to arm you with some strategies that first of all help you find some stability of self-belief and self-esteem to counter the frantic, chopping and changing narrative of what our culture is defining as beauty, and then to acknowledge the great gift your body is, regardless of the shape or size you’ve been blessed with.

So how do you start?

Well you can check out the following posts in this series to see how.

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