DAY 9-


Today’s challenge is to buy one new vegetable.

Sounds simple enough. Just go into any grocery store and pick up one vegetable that you never normally buy, and eat it.

It could be a purple cabbage, or maybe an odd shaped tomato, or anything. It doesn’t need to be completely new. You may well have tried every vegetable available. This has to be something that you don’t normally buy. The idea is just to get you eating something different, because we are trying to break old habits, and create new ones.

Variety isn’t only good for our insides, but also for our minds. When we start experimenting with different flavours, tastes, recipes, and ingredients, we create new relationships with food. If however we just stay stuck with what we know, then we will maintain the same habits that keep us where we are.

This is about going outside of your comfort zone. It will likely also mean that you will need to cook it, or at least put it with something else to make it more palatable.

Be ambitious in choosing a new shape or colour, and the benefits will come rolling in.