DAY 6-


Today’s challenge is to be a snob with one food, and raise the quality of that food.

What do I mean, and how will it help you to become a healthier eater?

Let me explain. Let’s think of Christmas time shall we. It is a time full of chocolate, and mince pies, and more sugary-fatty foods than you know what to do with. Being constantly surrounded by these foods doesn’t help either.

Naturally we end up eating a lot of them. It’s human nature as high calorie foods appeal to our survival mechanisms! 


One problem I notice however is that they are often low quality foods. Tins of chocolate in the office keep coming not just because people are in a festive spirit, but because they are affordable.

However, when you have very high quality foods, like fine chocolate, it is far harder to overeat them.

How can that be?


Well, for a start, something that is homemade is usually labour intensive and so you appreciate the time it requires to cook versus the eating time. Buying such foods means a higher price tag, which can help us to be more conservative with how much we consume because we're appreciating the real value of it.

The quality itself can also contribute in a large way to us eating less. Better quality ingredients will have more nutrients in them, and therefore help us to feel fuller for longer. A rich, dark chocolate dessert, will be bustling with antioxidants providing a myriad of health benefits, and the rich flavour will help to keep you enjoying the food at a moderate pace so that you don’t eat so quickly, and end up eating past fullness.

So today, pick a food that normally you might binge on, and try only eating it if it is the finest quality. Really learn to savour the experience, and how the quality of it affects your relationship with that food.

You could even think of yourself as a wine snob. People who really like good wine will be more than a little reluctant to downgrade once they’ve tried something of a higher quality. any would rather go without than to have bad wine.

Set your standards high for one food today, and try to keep it elevated and see what happens.