DAY 5-


Today’s challenge is to find at least 1 healthy fast food place near where you live, or work, or even better both.

Why would I ask you to eat fast food even if it is healthy?

Well because you’re competing against junk food, and junk food is exciting. No question about it. Colourful, lots of variety, tastes good, and the packaging is always so appealing. A dry chicken breast salad on the other hand is not appealing..... At least not every day.

Junk food is also usually quick, and ready-made. When we are tired, and hungry, stressed, sad, agitated, or we just need an escape, what we are not going to entertain is that dry chicken salad. We want to be comforted, and we want it to be convenient. Only problem is that we usually feel like crap afterwards.

So by taking up today’s challenge and finding restaurants, and corner shops, and supermarkets, that stock food that you can buy and eat straight away, you can take away so much of the power that junk food might have over you.

It’s also important that you find a place that offers you options that are exciting and balanced. If you are at the end of a stressful day, and all you want is something sweet, then a bag of cookies will likely sound very appealing, but if you are offered first a healthy raw protein ball, packed with dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, natural sugars from dried fruits, and honey, and other amazing ingredients that leave you feeling amazing, and are too rich to overeat, you will most likely go for the second option right!

So, the challenge is, go and find somewhere that is either within a quick walking distance of where you live or work, or find the menu of a place that delivers quickly.

Remember that this a time sensitive issue. You are making a plan B option for when you know you will crash one day, but you will be ready. If you know that you always crash with a greasy Indian, then can you find a top-quality restaurant to order from instead? If you always choose pizza, then search to see if you have an authentic Italian place that can compete.

Use Google. Walk around the local area. Pick up take-away menus. Window shop in supermarkets and grocery stores. You might be surprised how easy it is to find healthy fast food everywhere.

Don’t leave this until it’s too late. We all like convenience food at some point. Will you leave it to chance, or will you be prepared with a healthier alternative?


Your choice.