DAY 4-


Today’s challenge is to buy and prepare 1 whole food that you don’t normally cook and/or eat.


Well because our brains like to take the path of least resistance. If we continuously expose ourselves to low quality food, then in times when we are hungry or just craving food, our minds will go far quicker to the poor food choices because that’s all they know. However, the more that we can get used to higher grade food, the more often our default setting will be healthy, and wholesome options.

You don’t even need to cook it if you don’t want to. It could be anything from an avocado, to pre-prepared grains from the shops.

But first, what are wholefoods and why should we focus on basing the majority of our diet on them?

Well a whole food is a food that hasn’t been processed. That means it usually contains a lot more nutrients, like fibre which is good for slowing down the digestion of food, and therefore can help you to feel fuller for longer, along with a tonne of other benefits like fighting things like heart disease and diabetes.

It’s important to recognise that not all processed food is low quality. Many foods go through a system of processing. Frozen vegetables are one example. Canned tomatoes another. Even chopping something makes it processed. When we talk about processed foods, we ae usually alluding to those which look nothing like what nature could grow, and have lots of things added to them like trans fats, and sugars to help them last longer on the shelf, and are engineered to get us hooked.

The trick therefore to identifying processed foods, is usually in how far removed they are from their original source.

An example might be how pork chops and roast potatoes are pretty much unprocessed, however a bag of pork flavoured chips is about as far from a pig and potato as you can get.

So, when looking to options for what you can pick for today's challenge, you will want something as minimally processed as possible, and of course, something that you don’t usually eat often or cook often so that you can experiment and broaden your horizons.

In general, meat is the easy choice to get right here, but carbohydrates and fats can be a little more confusing at times. Some common whole food carbohydrates include: Brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, bulgur wheat, oats, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, and pumpkin. Fats might include: avocados, eggs, coconuts, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, olives, nuts, and nut butters like peanut and cashew.

So take a trip today to the shops, and pick up something that you haven't before and experiment.