DAY 3-


Today’s challenge, is all about using our knowledge of macronutrients, and food sensations, to learn how to find healthier choices when we start craving foods what might be referred to as 'junk food'.

Cravings exist for a reason. They are often an indicator that we are lacking nutrients. Our bodies are so clever that they can dialogue with us, by letting us know that we are in need of certain nutrients.

A problem however arises when many of us crave foods largely due to the close proximity of it, where we are often surrounded by high fat-sugary foods. Especially those people working in offices where energy slumps from working at a desk all day, can hit hard.

Our cravings tell us that we need sugar because we are low on energy. If we listen to them, then we will likely eat foods that will leave us feeling worse afterwards. If however, we can find more nourishing alternatives that can satisfy that same craving, then we can excel at our own nutrition.

A way that we can do this is to highlight the main qualities of the food we crave. If I am craving potato chips as an example, then I might be in need of salt, fat, and carbs.

A healthier option would be for me to take some roasted baby potatoes, drizzle them in olive oil, and sea salt.

This is by no means an easy task. I have therefore created a free downloadable aid to help you get to grips with this concept.

Click here to download your free guide.  


See if you can identify your cravings, and then become masterful at creating new, healthier alternatives, that don’t leave you with regrets.