DAY 29-


Today’s challenge is to find a companion to support your new healthy eating habits that we have covered over the last 29 days.

When we have someone to be accountable to, our chances of actually following through on our plan have been shown to increase significantly. Even as high as 65% according to research!

You can pair up with someone, or even just ask someone to be your support that you refer to for moral support, guidance, motivation, and beyond.

It could be your partner, your parent, your sibling, your friend, your co-worker. Whoever is someone that you trust to be a part of your journey, or at the very least respectful and supportive of it.

If that person is willing to buddy up with you and create some kind of routine/habit that aligns with yours, then it is a great opportunity to feed off of one another’s enthusiasm. The more momentum in the beginning the better.

It is also important to remember however that nobody can do the work for you. Even the best candidate that you may find for a potential buddy will have their own story behind why they are doing it. Their own dramas, commitments, limitations, self-expectations, and overall capacity to change. Don’t be disappointed if you are not always in sync, and it might even be prudent to expect them to not be able to do it for as long as you.

They might well quit in a few days, weeks, or whenever. If you can anticipate ahead of time that they are only likely with you for a short while, then you can really enjoy, and optimize whatever time you have together.

Find someone that you trust that might also like to make a radical change with a moderated approach that is really about long-term results. Vet people. Don’t just take the first person who comes your way. Ensure that they are enthusiastic enough, otherwise you’ll have two jobs trying to motivate not only yourself, but constantly trying to convince them that this is all a good idea and the right time to do it.

If you can’t find a buddy, then don’t fret. You are your own boss and in the best position to succeed. Consider options like online support groups and forums. Buddying up can be done through a wide array of platforms, and support forums are a great chance to be exposed to a whole cyber world of caring and compassionate voices who are likely going, or have gone through the same thing.

Good luck.