DAY 28-


Today’s challenge is to cook for someone else special in your life, be it a friend, family, a partner, a romantic interest, whoever! To be able to offer your creativity, hard work, and time, is a great gift.

Often, when we are able to nourish others, we receive an intrinsic sense of gratification for having provided.

It can also be a self-perpetuating practice at times for its extrinsic marker of people complimenting you on your efforts. Praise, and affirmations encourage us to keep doing something and the kind words of others, although not what we are seeking, are still warming to hear if they come.

This also give you an opportunity to practice many of your new skills over the past 27 days. What recipes might you have found that could be used for today? 

So there it is. Short and sweet. Find someone who you want to reward with the gift of your efforts, and enjoy all the wonderful benefits that go with it… You might even convince them to do the washing up afterwards!