DAY 26-


Today’s challenge is to practice saying “no” to others.

Who should we be saying “no” to?

Well there are many different situations. Perhaps it is at the dinner table with family and a relative insists that you eat more, or maybe you are at a party and friends are telling you to drink more.

In both these situations, we have a pressure put on us to perform to please someone else, and all too often, an inability to say “no” to what we consume, can be an interesting reflection of how we define our barriers in other areas of life.

How successful are you at letting other people know your limits in your day-to-day?

Setting clear limits on what we will and won’t consume to others helps us to define ourselves in the company of others. Many adopt brands such as veganism, but this isn’t about setting dieting rules (although that’s completely your choice if you wish to). This is about knowing your limits. Either before you start, or in the moment. Having the authority of self to be able to speak up.

That might mean offending others or hearing a backlash.

What do people usually say to you if you’ve ever tried this before? How did their words make you feel? How would you like to have responded to them?

A useful exercise is to start creating some pre-loaded responses that you can use in any given circumstance, and even extra responses to what they might say in return.

Write them down. Tailor them to suit your audience. Practice them and know that you have every right to define your limits without someone else’s judgement and if they choose to not accept your decision then that is on them.