DAY 21-


Today’s challenge is to serve less food on your plate.

This doesn’t necessarily mean at every meal. It might even just be a snack. The idea is not to starve yourself either, or to influence hunger.

The real logic behind it is that modern day portions- especially those in restaurants and when we eat out- are typically more than we actually need, but the fact that they come in a single serving portion often means that we eat the whole serving regardless of whether we full or not.

Be it the food someone has served us, or we’ve served ourselves, eating excessively in one meal can start off a chain reaction of throwing our hands up and deciding to just eat anything and everything (usually junk food) as a sort of punishment.

The first solution to this problem would ideally be to focus on mindset, and our attitude to overeating. On a cultural level, overeating is seen as slothfulness and the only antidote is to compensate with starvation.

This doesn’t have to be the case. It is completely normal to overeat at times. It is also normal to under-eat at other times. With consistent healthy habits, these occasions become blips that you can acknowledge as the odd occasion, but that only comes with acceptance rather than penalising oneself.

Serving smaller portions can however assist in helping to moderate the frequency with which we overeat. Not to mention that if we don’t get enough on our plate, we can always go for more afterwards. It is after all always easier to add than to take-away once you’ve eaten it.

Try it today. Especially if you might normally eat more at one particular meal or snack time. You might opt for just reducing a fraction of what you normally consume and take note of how you feel.

Remember also that fullness takes times to feel. Around 15-20 minutes in fact, so making a mental check-in, and practicing that awareness can also fill in some of that time. You might even consider using the food diary from day 1.