DAY 20-


Today’s challenge is to cook with someone else. It could be anyone. Your kids. Your parents. Friends. Any family. Your housemate. Your neighbour. You can steal someone off of the street if you like and force them to participate..... Just kidding!

The idea of involving others is all about enhancing life experiences. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. If we can associate it with as many pleasant experiences as possible, then it starts to become a pleasurable experience.

Socialising is arguably as important to health as nutrition or exercise. Being busy is often an excuse for not connecting with others, but the truth is that most people at some point in the day will need to nurture some kind of human relationship for our sense of wellbeing.

When we share special moments with other people, the whole affair creates positive associations and the great benefit of that beyond having someone to share your time with, is that on the next occasion when you might be alone, you will have good memories which can help to build on the total experience, and maybe even get you excited to make another dinner date.

Another positive is that it’s half the work as you can share the duties. In fact, one of you might choose to do the washing up and just keep you company while you cook or vice-versa. There’s no set way. Divide the load as you like and have fun.

Kids will probably require more work from you, but it is a different kind of quality time.

So, there it is. Surprise someone today and invite them to cook with you.