DAY 16-


Today’s challenge is to cook a brand new recipe.

It can literally be anything, and you can make it as hard or as easy as you like. It really depends on your experience level with cooking, and resources like time, and money.

Think as basic as a hard-boiled eggs (If you’ve never cooked them!), all the way up to something as coordinated as a roast dinner, or as perilous as a bearnaise sauce.

The task is not to burden yourself but rather to stimulate your creativity. We are creatures of habit. We eat the same things week in week out. Even if we eat out often, we can still fall victim to habitual choices.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve never tasted this recipe before. It just means that you’ve never cooked it yourself before.

Cooking helps us to appreciate not only the meal in front of us, but also how all those flavours, textures, and aromas came to be.

When we connect with the process, we become like children again and awaken our creative spirits.

It means we have to find a recipe of course. Either a book or a Google search will do.

Searching and cooking recipe from a book is a lost art. The great thing about a physical recipe book is that if you can find one that you love, then you have a great source of inspiration. This is also handy considering that your hands will likely get wet and food on while cooking, and having a book is far easier to flip through page and keep open, than a phone which is a problem if it gets dirty.

Pick a cuisine or style of cooking you enjoy, and run with it. If the recipes look too complicated then there is more than likely a simple version of the cuisine. Think kids cooking books.

If on the other hand you think it is too flat, or not exciting enough on your palate, then get adventurous. Do an Amazon or Google search for a cookbook that will tantalise you with every picture.

Again, this challenge can be simplified to whatever degree you need. For example, an exciting salad can be sourced and thrown together in a few minutes.

It can also help to have someone to cook for. A friend. A partner. Your kids. A family get-together. Make it an event. Make a big deal about it. Or don’t. Even if it’s just for yourself. Treat yourself. Light a candle. Play some music, and pamper yourself a little.

So, there it is. Try a new recipe today.

Good luck, and bon appétit.