DAY 15-


Today’s challenge is to set a pleasant environment to eat in.

By that I mean that you want to create a setting that is complementary to you having an enjoyable meal.

The reason for this is that we are often eating in stressed environments. At our work space. Standing in the kitchen. Slumped in front of the TV. Overstimulated, and disengaged from what’s going in our mouths.

When we create a pleasant environment around us, we naturally become relaxed, and the food becomes important. We learn to slow down naturally, and remove distractions that might cause us to eat more than we actually need.

Creating a nice setting might be anything from playing music you like, or lighting candles, to sitting down with your family at the dinner table. You might decide to eat outside and get some fresh air, or you might even go further than that and look to the presentation of your meal.


The Japanese are famous for creating a beautiful food on the plate. They are some of the healthiest eaters in the world. What can we learn from them about enjoying the meal with all of our senses?

Whatever you do, make it special. Choose a time to eat today when you can spoil yourself and create your ideal settings for the perfect meal.


You deserve it!