DAY 11-


Today’s challenge is to sit down while you eat.

Many of us stand while we eat. It might not seem like a huge problem initially but when we stand up, we are not fully engaged in the food. We are in a state of motion.

Being in motion is counter-productive to healthy eating as it can activate our stress response which turns our digestive system off, and so we absorb less nutrients.

We are also more likely to not register what’s going in as we are actively doing something else. This can of course trick our appetite and have us eating more than we actually need.

Sitting down is a great step to being a more mindful eater, and one of the most effective tools that you can implement with minimal effort.

So today, if you notice yourself standing up and eating, pause, stop what you’re eating and try to wait finishing it until you come to a seated position.

Ideally, you want to be sitting upright as being to crunched, like on the sofa, is also going to disturb your digestion.