DAY 10-


Today’s challenge is to think of 5 healthy alternatives to sugary foods that you eat.

Sugary foods are delicious. We all enjoy them. However, they typically come with a price. Many of the sweet foods that we consume come in highly processed foods. They are often lacking any natural fibre to slow digestion, or other nutrients that might offset some of the adverse effects. Not to mention that they are often combined with high fat, for more palatability. Foods like donuts, chocolate, biscuits, and cakes, come to mind.

This becomes a problem because these foods are giving us huge energy spikes and crashes. We are eating more of them, and not feeling full, despite the fact that we are consuming many calories.

A common time to start craving sweet foods is around 3/4pm. There is often an energy slump, and then again in the evening.

Now while many would benefit from going to bed earlier, sweet food is for the most part unavoidable. It is all around us. To ignore it, is to miss out on many amazing events including things like birthdays, weddings, parties, and Christmas.

Being healthy is therefore about balance.

So, my challenge today, is to start thinking how you can get your sugar fix, while still nourishing yourself, and feeling good afterwards.

There are many foods that are quite high in sugar, and yet offer way more benefits, than negatives. Some common examples are things like honey: high in sugar, but also high in antioxidants.


Fruit is fantastic as it offers natural packages of nutrients, and fibre to help slow down the digestion of the sugar so that you get a steady release.

Fruit juices lack most of the fibre, but still offer so many vitamins and benefits. Dried fruit lacks the water content, and so are easier to over consume, but are packed with fibre and goodness.


Even milk can be a great option for a sweet tooth. Filled with calcium and protein, and more, it can make a fantastic healthy alternative to water.

Don’t forget that these sweet alternatives can be cooked as well. Flapjacks can be made in a very healthy way, and if you don’t want to cook, then things like raw energy balls are very popular at the moment.

Those were some of mine. What could some of yours be?


Think of 5 sweet alternative foods that you can turn to when you start craving, and try and stock them around you so that you won’t be tempted for other things.