DAY 1-


Welcome to day 1 of the 30 day healthy eating challenge.


Your first challenge is to log what you eat in a food journal.


Using a food journal is  great way to start eating healthier. The number 1 benefit that I often see from it is that it offers you real accountability as you get to see what you are really eating across the whole day/week...

Journaling can be important for anyone who struggles with food because when your food and eating habits are laid out right in front of you, you also start to become more aware of what's going in, and although we might think we know what's going in, a real awareness helps us to zoom out and look at the bigger picture and how to consider healthier alternatives.


Popular versions of journaling include apps like My Fitness Pal, but here we are not focusing on calories and macros. It’s more about connecting our thoughts and feelings to what we are consuming, and the dietary patterns that may go unnoticed, so that we can set ourselves up for long term change.


I have created a free journal template and guide that you can download by clicking here.


Good luck.