When it comes to unsticking yourself from dieting culture, everybody could use a friend or two...or three, or four....  I want to help make your journey to enjoying your food and body, as easy as possible, so here I've listed some of my personal favourite resources that have guided mine, and my clients' journey, that I know will give an inspiring spark to your own journey.


The book that has started so many personal revolutions. I believe it is the foundational work for anybody who’s looking to stop dieting and the first book I always recommend.

This book is a staple I believe in learning to respect your body. The message is powerful and necessary into today’s body shaming culture and I guarantee you’ll never look at fat in the same way.

This is another great book but what’s cool about it is that it comes in easy to digest chapters so you can just dip in and out and take your time or like me just wolf it down in a few sittings!!

This book is great for binge-eating disorder specifically using some wonderful mindfulness strategies and more. There is often a lot of shame around eating disorders and equally a lot of relief when you find out that there is a solution. 

I can’t express how much I enjoyed this book. Sure it says it’s aimed at women in the title but this is really for both sexes, I promise. It’s about learning to listen and trust your own intuition and gives fantastic stories to illustrate, helping you to become more abstract and look more into the meaning of metaphors and dreams. Wow!

One of my great passions in life is how can we make wellbeing and recovery accessable to all, not just those who can afford it. Ladies and gentlemen, this book is a masterpiece in my opinion. I would recommend reading the original 'Intuitive Eating' first but this workbook offers interactive exercises to really help and bridge the gap between information in a book and you taking action.

More books:

  Ellyn Satter masterfully breaks down and shares strategies, tips, and formulas, on how to teach good eating habits with your kids and I'm telling you, some of them are probably gonna surprise you like they did for me!


When it comes to reprogramming your mind with positive, affirming, and compassionate langauge, podcasts are truly one of my favourite tools for change. They are easy to use, choc full of amazing advice, and best of all, they are free!

Love Food: Bite-size episodes around 20 minutes, by a dietitian who structures the show in a novel way to help combat dieting, and eating disorders

The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast: Dr. Janean Anderson presents my latest podcast that I enjoy binging on (no pun intended!) Her interviewing manner is very enjoyable and the episodes have such valuable content.

Food Psych: Episodes generally last around the 90 minute mark. Big conversations with big topics. 
ED Matters: Fantastic, short, conversations on eating disorders from professionals. Episodes around 20 minutes, but they pack a great punch in a short space of time.
unnamed_6 (1).jpg
She's All Fat: Another brilliant duo, but there's something so quirky and original about these gals that I love. The episodes run around 1 hour. I can't do it justice in this blurb, but if you're looking to be refreshed, then refreshemt is here!
Therapy Thoughts: I love good vibes and Tiffany Roe is good vibes personified! Powerful messages with a surfer dudette delivery. 



These are divided by country, but don't let that stop you checking them all out if you need help, as all of them have some amazing resources and information on them.



These are great ways to connect with people and feel supported by others on a similar journey in an easily accessable way



Do you love blogs? Well I've got some crackers for you here!



These websites provide more info on how to eject from dieting culture.



These are accounts I follow that really hit me with good vibrations and I hope they can do the same for you.


Is Twitter where you spend your time? 


If Facebook is a platform you groove to, then the following are some of my favourites that I hope you'll like.



If you have any recommendations for additional resources to add to this page then I'd love to hear them. Diet culture is the status-quo and so the only way we're gonna fight against it is to flood ourselves in counter culture messages from a community who cares.