The first question you might have is "what the heck is a food and body coach and how can I help you?"

I'm skilled at helping people break the vicious cycle of overeating and dieting.

As a coach, my job is to listen to what changes you really want to make around food and your body image, then assess any obstacles. I then help you to create solutions so that you can flesh out your own desired outcomes in a safe space, and have clear, actionable steps, that feel manageable instead of overwhelming.

To use an analogy, I am like a sports coach to any great athlete. I cannot do the work for you, but I am skilled at seeing the bigger picture. When you are on the field of play, and are focused on an outcome, I am there to diligently reflect back to you, to ensure your actions are aligning with your desired outcome.


Research shows that by having a specific accountability appointment with a coach, that you're committed to, it can raise your probability of completing your goal by 95%, whereas just having an idea or goal that you keep to yourself, only has a 10% chance of success, and, based on my experience, even 10% is an over estimation as people struggle every day to get out of the cycle of dieting, and body hate.


I am a weight-neutral coach, which means that I focus on health, rather than a number on the scale. That's because weight loss programs are proven to fail time and time again for the majority, but weight neutrality is about helping you impact the aspects of health that are actually within your control, such as thoughts, behaviours, nutrition and exercise. 

I therefore adopt the philosophy of Health at Every Size in my practice, which teaches that we all come in different shapes and sizes, despite what the mainstream media tells us, and I use an array of approaches depending on your needs, such as mindful eating and Intuitive Eating as frameworks for your journey.

These methods are powerful alternatives to dieting, and focus on things like slowing down to eat, using internal signals to gauge hunger levels, discovering what your body truly craves, and learning when you're actually full.



These might sound like foreign concepts to you as our current dieting, skinny-focused-culture, is leading us away from a fulfilling relationship with the self, for something superficial, and unfulfilling. A spiritual disconnect is happening for many where food is being used to self-medicate deeper problems, and so we are overeating not just for a physical hunger, but an emotional hunger, and the food cannot possibly fill the void.

I delve deep into issues of your physiology, psychology, and important aspects of nutrition, to compliment your work.

My name is Sebastian, and I am the coach who believes in your capacity to be the best possible version of you.